White Stones was a space designed to create memories and souvenirs. A place to enjoy, imagine and daydream. A place to get lost in good times.

Framed on the beaches of La Guardia, the house awakens the senses to discover the horizon, the endless sea of teal, shades of white stones on the flank and the sound of the stones that collide, water driven, to become music that the visitor expects and demands. In colonial times, it is said that the area was also called the "The Bufadero" because of this sound. In fact, the inhabitants of the area guard their stones like a treasure of the place.

White stones and their melody are so characteristic of the house, they gave permission for the name to identify it and welcome those who visit.

In White Stones you will find a place to pamper your senses. Its open spaces are designed to please your sight, let the sea breeze caress your face and always let the sound of the sea remain in your memory.